Apple will soon implement a new data policy

Recently, the use and processing of user data have become more and more relevant. Earlier this year, as discussions on a new contract with WhatsApp continued, the news came from Apple. Shortly, the company will carry out a change of application developers, which has long been on the agenda.

Apple introduces data sharing restrictions for apps

Developers have begun applying Apple’s new privacy feature to iOS 14 beta users, which requires iOS users’ permission to target ads. The full version of this feature is expected to arrive in the spring. Apple originally planned to release this feature with the launch of iOS 14 last fall but delayed it until 2021 to welcome the developers.

A new interoperability requirement called “App Tracking Transparency” is driving a significant change in the way mobile app developers collect data from iPhone owners and share that data with other companies to help them advertise.

Before this change, Apple allowed iPhone owners to enable this type of tracking in their settings. Rather than taking the initiative to deactivate the app, Apple will ask users for permission from the App Store or will be suspended if they break the rules or try to get around the rules.

The main way advertisers know that you have purchased a new product in one app before they advertise the same product in another app is by providing an identification code. In other words, the Advertiser ID (IDFA) connects to your device, is collected by the first app, and passed to the second. This allows these apps to serve targeted ads and determine if they actually work.

Apple’s new policy will require developers to obtain explicit consent from iOS device owners to allow IDFA collection and exchange between apps. App developers will continue to use any other information you give them to target ads, even if you don’t allow the app to track you. However, this information will not be shared with any other company for ad tracking purposes by Apple’s new policy.

To further reinforce its privacy philosophy, Apple highlights common methods for tracking and targeting ads across mobile apps and web industries; created a new online guide called A Day in the Life of Your Data, which provides statistics on its prevalence.

“A complex ecosystem of websites, apps, social media companies, data brokers, and ad technology companies; It collects personal data by tracking users online and offline. This data is aggregated, transmitted, aggregated, and monetized to drive industry growth of $ 227 billion a year.

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