Big update on PUBG India Version Relaunch 2021


A big update for the PUBG India relaunch! Find out more about the upcoming teaser, APK beta, and more

Here’s a summary of everything we know about the launch of PUBG India so far.

New Delhi: Millions of PUBG India fans eagerly awaiting the return of PUBG mobile games to the country can have fun this month.

According to reports posted on InsideSport, PUBG Mobile India is set to release a new teaser anytime between January 15-19. InsideSport, referring to a Youtube video, said, “The teaser will feature some of the top Indian PUBG content creators.”

Well, all we can say is to treat all the information with a grain of salt, since nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

What we know about PUBG’s return to India

In December, the company made two big announcements that bolstered the hopes of PUBG India fans. Parent company Krafton Inc. recently appointed Anish Aravinda as the new Regional Manager for India. With over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry, Anish Aravind has worked with gaming giants such as Tencent and Zynga. According to Indoor Sports, Krafton Inc has hired more people, recruiting four more people to the team.

It should be noted that these four people were part of Tencent, the company responsible for the rights of the global version of PUBG Mobile. The new team members are Akash Jumde (Visual Content Designer), Piyush Agarwal (Finance Manager), Arpita Priyadarshini (Senior Community Manager), and Karan Pathak (Senior Esports Manager). Everyone new to the Krafton team was previously part of Tencent, which owns the publishing rights for the global version of PUBGM.

Learn more about the PUBG Mobile India download link

It is revealed that the Indian version of the game has been adapted for Indian gamers, but if you click on the download link for PUBG Mobile India, they will go to the Korean version.

PUBG Banned In India From September 2020

PUBG is still awaiting approval from the Ministry of Electronics, Information, and Technology (MeitY). Recently it was revealed that MEITY reported that the central government did not permit to restart of PUBG Mobile in India.

Inside sport previously reported that PUBG Corporation executives have been suing MeitY representatives for the meeting for more than a month, but have still not secured a meeting from the government. The delay in obtaining authorization means that PUBG Mobile India will not enter the Indian market shortly.


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