FAU-G Lite will release soon for budget phones


FAU-G Lite will release for budget phones if users feel the need for it

An India-made competitor to PUBG Mobile, FAU-G, is slated to launch in India on January 26th. The company has confirmed it will provide the FAU-G Lite app if users need it. The liter version could be launched this year. Details here.

FAU-G is expected to launch in India on January 26th, which the company officially announced last week. Ahead of the official release, Vishal Gondal, founder of nCore Games in Bangalore, developer FAU-G, confirmed to BGR.in in an exclusive phone call that there will also be a liter version of the game if users think so. necessity. this. Also Read – Akshay Kumar Announces FAU-G Release Date, Twitterati Participates In Memes Riot

Gondal said: “We will first wait for feedback from our users on the first version of FAU-G, and then, if necessary, will release a liter version of the game shortly.” He has not confirmed any release schedules. Read Also – FAU-G India Launch Date Confirmed

The founder of nCore Games has confirmed that the action game FAU-G, due out later this month, is primarily aimed at the mid-to-high-end smartphone segment. According to user reviews, the developers will soon release a liter version of the game for budget smartphones or entry-level smartphones. Gondal noted that the first version of the FAU-G game will mostly revolve around the story rather than the game.

The first episode of the FAU-G game will revolve around the Galvan Valley episode between the Indian and Chinese armies. He did not reveal any details about future versions of the game and said that the developers are currently focusing on improvising the first version of the game.

The company will release the first version of the game on January 26th, with more versions to follow later this year with more game modes, battle royale features, and more. “FAU-G will not be like PUBG Mobile or any of the existing Battle Royale games. We are working on many game modes as well as features for the Battle Royale game that will be released in the next six to eight months after the OTA update, ”said Gondal.

FAU-G and PUBG Mobile are different

Over and over again, Gondal has pointed out that FAU-G is not a competitor to PUBG Mobile, which is currently banned in India for privacy and security reasons. The Indian government banned the game of Battle Royale in the country last year, along with hundreds of other Chinese apps.

The PUBG Corporation has been hard at work bringing the game back to India under the name PUBG Mobile India over the past few months, but there seems to be some delay in restarting the game. The gaming company is working hard. solve the problems raised by the Indian government during the country’s gambling ban.

FAU-G will initially be released on the Google Play Store at a later date, followed by the Apple App Store. This suggests that once launched, the action game will only be available to Android users. The game has been available for pre-registration for several weeks now, and Gondal claims to date between five and seven million users (roughly) showing interest in the game.

While gaming enthusiasts call FAU-G India’s answer to PUBG Mobile, Gondal said he is serving a different product. “We are not a clone of any game and we have our own personality. We are serving another product. Gondal also said that for FAU-G, the security of user data is critical. “All user data will be stored on servers located in India and there is no compromise here,” he added.


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