Is the US about to split the internet Services?

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls for “clean” Internet. This means that he wants to end Chinese influence in the US and Chinese Internet companies.

Is the US about to split the internet Services?
Is the US about to split the internet Services?

But critics believe this could strengthen a worrying stage in the global Internet crash. The so-called “splinternet” is commonly used when talking about China and more recently Russia.

The idea is that there is nothing inherent or predetermined about how the Internet will become global. It’s important that governments want to control what people see on the Internet.

The Great Firewall in China is a prime example of a country that uses the Internet as its equivalent wall. You will not find Google or Facebook search engine in China.

What people do not expect is that the United States can follow the example of China. However, critics believe that Pompeo’s statement on Thursday was contradictory.

Pompeo has said he wants to remove the unapproved app from the US mobile app store. The People’s Republic of China apps have endangered our privacy, spread viruses, spread and misinform information,” he said.

The first question that came to his mind was: what does Pompeo think of Chinese applications? The idea that he talks about all Chinese apps is very high.

“It’s shocking,” said Lan Lan Woodward, security specialist at the University of Surrey. “It just came to our attention then.

“The US government has criticized other countries for restricting Internet access. Now we Americans are doing the same.”

This may be a bit of a stretch. Pompeo’s reasons for “cleaning up” American networks of Chinese companies are very different from the authoritarian government’s desire to control online control.

It is true that if Pompeo followed this path, it would be the United States. Cyber-strategy decisions will change.

If there is one country that runs the free Internet based on the constitutional principles of free speech, it is the United States.

President Donald Trump’s administration has taken a different approach due to legal certainty issues raised by some Chinese companies operating in the United States.

WeChat Warning

Alex Stamos, former Facebook security manager, told me that Tic Tac Toe is just one end of the iceberg when referring to Chinese apps.

He said to me, “Tick talk is not even in my top ten”.

Mr. Stemos calls on the United States to become more aware of Tencent’s terminology.

“WeChat is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. There are companies that we have incredible strategic knowledge with.”

Pompeo gave Weichet his future goal. It is difficult to predict the US election in November. Trump’s anti-China rhetoric isn’t just about technology.

Policy or approach?

So is this a political condition – or just a sham?

Mr. Trump could also lose in November. Democrats will play a more liberal role on Chinese technology. But Trump’s view of the American Internet – a free Internet in China – has become more confrontational.

The big joke is that the internet looks like China’s vision. Watch the talk about ticks. If Microsoft buys the US hand, there will be three ticks.

Tik tok (called doi) in China. The rest of the world is permanent. And a talk about ticks in America. Will this be a model for the future of the Internet?

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