How to upload the High Quality Instagram videos

Hey guys, my name is Johnson. And to upload the highest possible quality video to your Instagram feed, you actually need to upload your video to IGTV. And then, right before you click to post on your video make sure that you check the box that says, post a preview. Which will then post your IGTV video to your Instagram feed in the best quality possible.

Johnson, I don’t want to upload vertical videos. Why are you telling me to use IGTV? It only accepts vertical video. You’re wrong. Several months ago Instagram released an update that now enables you to upload horizontal videos to IGTV. Finally! What a novel thought. But! Let’s rewind a little bit because I’m sure you have some questions and I want to tell you how this method works, and why it offers you the best quality video that you can get on Instagram. The first thing that you need to know, is that Instagram’s video quality whenever you upload your video to your feed in the traditional way through the app is terrible.

Even if you upload a video in 4K resolution, Instagram is going to compress it down to a 640×360 resolution video at about a 3 megabits per second-bit rate. That is standard definition here, it is so bad. But, if you want to upload your video using those settings, I have made a video several years ago detailing my exact settings to get the highest possible quality using that method. I’ll link to it up in the corner, and down in the description if you wanna watch it. But you’re telling me, Matt, I’m not watching this video because I want something low quality.

I want the highest possible quality I can get from my Instagram video uploads. And thankfully, that is where Instagram comes in with IGTV Which offers a much better resolution and bitrate than traditional Instagram video uploads. Now let’s talk about getting the highest quality IGTV video. If you upload a horizontal HD video to IGTV and then download the video after Instagram processes it, you will see that IGTV is playing back your video at 1152×648 Almost 720p resolution. Which hey, that is nowhere near 1080pHD.

But that is still almost double the resolution you get whenever you choose to upload to your Instagram feed the traditional way. If you want to upload your video to IGTV horizontally, in the 16:9 aspect ratio, I would recommend uploading a 1080p video file. If you want to learn how to export a 1080pHD video in Adobe Premiere, I’ve created a video on how to do that. And I will link to it up in the corner, and down in the description if you wanna watch.

I hear you’re not saying, Matt, that’s great. Horizontal video is cool, but the vertical video is the future. I believe that. Well, I’m not sure how accurate that is. But, I will tell you that I also made a video about how to export vertical videos for IGTV, and I will also link to that up in the corner and down in the description as well. Next, let’s talk about video length. For a traditional Instagram video upload your maximum video length is one minute, But, for an IGTV upload, you’re minimum video length is a minute, and your maximum video length is an hour.

You’re telling me now, Matt, my video is not at least one minute in length. It’s not gonna work for IGTV. A simple solution for you, loop your video. Instagram does this anyway whenever it’s playing a video traditionally on your feed where it loops it. You can just use Adobe Premier or another video editing software to copy and paste your video on your timeline multiple times, so it loops. As long as you’re hitting at least that one-minute length you’re good.

Let’s now finish with uploading. You have two choices for how you can upload to IGTV. First, you can use the app. Which I don’t really prefer doing. It has some limitations. I really prefer uploading from a computer through the Instagram website. Go to the Instagram website. Sign in to your Instagram account. Go to your profile page. Click IGTV, then click upload. Drag your video file over, title it.

Write a description and upload a video thumbnail. Incidentally, I have another video that I will link up in the corner, and down in the description about how to upload the best quality IGTV video thumbnail. Now, this is important because for IGTV it’s gonna show a large rectangular thumbnail, but on your feed, it’s gonna show a small square thumbnail.

So you need to make sure that your thumbnail looks good on both tabs. Especially because Instagram does not let you change your thumbnail after you have uploaded it. So, I would highly recommend watching that video so you get it right. Lastly and most importantly, before you click to post on your video you need to make sure that the post a preview box is checked. This is the check box that is going to make your IGTV video appear in your Instagram feed just like a normal Instagram video. That’s it, click post and your IGTV video will be posted to your page just like a traditional Instagram video. But, in much higher quality.

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