State “super service” will allow you to issue an accident in 15 minutesArtificial Intelligence

The Presidium of the Governmental Commission approved the so-called superservice for the design of the europrotocol online. According to the press service of the Ministry of Communications, the use of super-service will reduce the time for registration of accidents to 15 minutes, thereby reducing the number of traffic jams associated with accident.

The “Euro-protocol online registration” super-service will work through the public services portal and mobile applications. It will allow car owners independently, without the participation of traffic police officers, to issue notices of accidents in electronic form, as well as to receive the results of the consideration of cases. To do this, the driver will need to enter in the personal account the necessary data (driver’s license, certificate of registration of the vehicle, insurance policy), after which they will automatically be loaded when issuing a notice. The driver will only check the correctness of the information and upload photos from the scene.

In your account on the public services portal, you can store and use documents for a car, insurance policies, data on accidents, as well as send documents to the Russian Union of motor insurers and the insurance company to receive registration and to consider other issues.

Users will also have the opportunity to search online for an insurance company to conclude an OSAGO and CASCO agreement. At the same time, the cost of the policy, including an online check of the current value of the bonus-malus coefficient, which increases or decreases the cost of the policy depending on the accident rate in previous periods, will be calculated automatically.

From November, the superservice will operate in pilot regions: Moscow, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. Maxim Parshin, deputy minister of digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation, said that from the middle of next year it will be available throughout the country.

Super Service is the provision of several related services. Now, according to Izvestia, an assistant based on artificial intelligence is being developed specifically for its functioning. He will analyze photos and videos from the scene of the accident and draw up a conclusion about the damage to the car.

Earlier, in May of this year, Alexey Samoshin, IT director of the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (PCA), reported that a mobile application for registration of road traffic accidents will be launched in Russia in the winter.

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