A preview of the Aorus GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8G. jhv

Today we will talk about a fresh video card that was just announced today and very soon will go on sale in official retail stores. For some, this is a great option to upgrade your computer or get much more performance in games from it. But do not rush to run to the shops – there are also disadvantages.


The video card is based on the NVIDIA TU104 graphics processor, which is built according to the Turing architecture. This is the same graphics processor as in the RTX 2080, only the new version of the video card has more CUDA cores – 3072. This is not much more than the original model, but there is still a small increase. Also, the video card boasts 8 gigabytes of integrated video memory GDDR6 with a 256-bit bus and a base clock frequency of 1605 MHz. In overclocking mode, the video card already produces 1815 MHz – this is noticeably more than the nominal frequency of the reference video cards. But, in general, there is no significant increase in frequencies and there is no point in hoping for any serious increase in performance. The video card’s memory operates at a frequency of 15,500 MHz – this is also more than the original model, but it is not worth waiting for more frames per second,

Case design

The video card is made in the company’s corporate style without anything surprising or unusual. On the front panel, which looks at you with three cooling system fans, there is a decorative light – it looks very impressive and in the case such a card will perfectly illuminate your components. Especially if you use the bus to install the video card facing the side glass panel. Even the logo on the casing of the cooling system glows so that you get maximum pleasure from the work of your video card. Also on the top is the Aorus logo with a backlight, which is also nice to see in the side window of your computer. In all other respects, this is a very standard video card of a rather large size – it is long, wide and weighty. I can not say that this is a problem – modern top-level video cards look about the same.


The manufacturer supplies the video card with factory overclocking – right out of the box, the novelty operates at a frequency of 1860 MHz graphics processor. This is a very worthy solution, because the reference video card of the same model range is almost 250 MHz lower and this is felt during synthetic tests or tests in games. Also worth noting is the advanced air cooling system – WindForce Stack 3X. These are three fans with a diameter of 100 millimeters, which drive cold air inside the radiator, the fins of which cool the graphics processor, dissipating heat. Highlighting the same model, you can customize and select those modes that you like best or fit the overall design of the components. True, the power supply system is built according to the 12 + 2 phase scheme and requires at least 650 W of power from your power supply unit – this is quite a lot even by modern standards.


At the moment, the cost of this video card is not called, but the manufacturer will soon say how much this game monster costs. But, the reference video card costs 56990 rubles, so the option from a partner, and even with backlighting, will be noticeably more expensive – from 60 thousand and more. Is it worth the novelty of their money? Yes, if you want to get maximum pleasure from 4K games and you don’t have a video card or you already have a very weak card. Update from the 20th series just does not make sense, since there is no much performance gain.

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