Why you don”t make your product online

You’ve heard that e-commerce is a very simple way to make money on your merchandise, so you have to prepare your site … but all you’ll find is cricket. Do you think your product is unique, what does it give you? Why do not you make any money?You may be doing one (or more) of the errors below. Fortunately, it’s all easy to solve.

 Not easy to buy

If you access the analysis, see where the person is leaving your site. You can find that the product is completely virtual in the virtual fires, but does not complete the transaction.

It can be a hard checkout process and people can be frustrated. Remember that you can buy Amazon products in a few seconds, you need to make products buy quickly and easily.

It may also be because navigation is difficult and tough to use. There may be connections that can not be done.

Pretend your customers and follow the checkout procedure to ensure that everything can work and pay attention. For example, if you can specify the number of screens you click on to complete the transaction, you can immediately see additional sales of this correction.

 Come as unprofessional

Perhaps you have a free domain name that comes with your e-commerce package because you do not want to spend one. This can be a big mistake. They see small information like the website’s name, and if you’re too cheap to buy the $ 10 URL, it can make it more difficult for potential customers to be trusted.

They are for corporate email addresses. If you use Yahoo or Gmail instead of @ yourcompanyname.com, people can not take you seriously.

It’s just as simple to buy a domain name and will be given a free email address with a domain name, so why not help make your business look more professional?

 Your prices are not competitive

It’s sad to say, but e-commerce is often the least expensive race ever. Amazon has become much more difficult than ever to make money when selling online products. On average, e-commerce stores are aware of between 30 and 40% of the gross margin, but you can also make a profit.

Try to reduce your price and see that it attracts more. If you can not lower your prices, find another way to give a price. Can you give free gifts with free shipping or shipping? Better lure your offer, the more you sell.

 The product glass is Lackluster

If you are a buyer visiting your site, what product pages prompt you to purchase from this site? Or your photos are dark and lit, your product description is empty and cardboard keys are not found?

Your product page is where you spot the spot you sell. You need a professional photo of the product to get started. It’s worth investing. But if you want to do it yourself, it’s best not take a big picture. If you are willing to make your site out, try using explanatory videos to highlight your products or services and increase customer engagement.

The description tells you more about your product and helps them determine if you want to buy it all. Including search engineable search keywords finding product pages and simplicity with detailed physical and profit features. Including dimensions and weight if possible.

Each product page should include the ability to add products to the card. How else can you sell ?? It can also be useful to include a delivery calculator on each page so that the buyers know what to pay.

Search engines do not know if they are alive

Search engine optimization is your most recent friend when you run an e-commerce company. You need Google and other search engines to quickly crawl your site, know what you sell and rank in search results.

This is not a case of small development.

Each page has a keyword focus. Front page you can have the word “treat organic dogs” that are used throughout the copy, while product pages can use “vegan bones.” Each page’s key is all you need to do; search engines are more complicated and are driving your rankings.

Only slamming an e-commerce site will not make you a billionaire … or even one sale. You need to continually strive to build your website

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