Website Automation is real or fake

Artificial intelligence is a world-famous phenomenon. The tree started in the building a year ago, but the tree began to grow much longer. Now, the best-known intelligence with much knowledge about, the world is jiggling with it. Now, as developers and thinkers know that the elasticity of artificial intelligence is infinite, they are extending in all directions that they can do the same way.

At first, there are questions that arise anywhere, questions that respect every face and name known in the artificial intelligence field.

“Can mancing intelligence over humans manure?”

Over the past month, when Google’s beloved assistant did the first place to fill hair appointments at Google’s IO event, this phenomenon became a true form. Everyone is convinced that intelligence is an artificial intelligence and is now a learning machine that has the power to complete its expansion.

This makes us think about automation in every direction. Do not automate the process of creating a website? Website and process activities create sites, static websites, CMS, Drupal, Hugo, WordPress, various languages that are examined such as HTML, JS, CSS and more that are added on a large scale. Not everyone can learn everything, so the implementation of the AI can change the world’s phases. There are many reasons to use artificial intelligence on development websites.


Artificial Intelligence is combined with a learning machine to give you a better review of what people are seeing on your site. It also stores recordings that you do not want, everything that creates problems. This will create a customer awareness for the owners and will be able to increase the product.

If you have an e-commerce site and you know exactly what your customers want, you will benefit. Using artificial intelligence constructivism will bring you benefits in a better way.

Vocal search is a great thing now. Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, or other voice-over software that makes great use of the internet and speed. Recently, a voice search option is used on an e-commerce website.

Also known as virtual shopping assistant, she is known among people of all ages because although some also find hyper, they can always take care of the sound. prediction; if in 2021 all the biggest e-commerce sites available on the Internet will use voice search to attract customers.


Since artificial intelligence has introduced the latest features of the conversation, the level of customer interaction has increased in percentage of the majority. With technology developing artificial intelligence, chat rooms become more natural. He started to give a human touch.

Well, customers do not need to find their own stuff. Simply type in chatroom and voila, your request is answered. Implementation of this AI has seen interaction with customers in every company.


You will know the target audience. You’ll know that your customers want the product type. Thus, you can restrict marketing and ultimately direct GroupWise.

They also know some other things that help marketing like:
Are your customers happy
Did he not like it
What tools of the person are you using to reach your site?
What channels are you using?
What a good time to sell a product to a customer
Typically, over-marketing leads to ill-gotten customers.

No one likes to see e-mails that are full of news about unwanted things. So your company name is safe from the hands of people.Therefore, artificial intelligence is a useful source of website development. But about building a website? If the compilation is given manually, each website must be monthly.Have people already tried to do this?If so, what has been successful?Although, many hands have been working on this cake for a long time, but have not been there.


With a user base of 119 million, Wix is one of the web-based manufacturing companies with artificial intelligence. This is a reversible device and a backorder that can choose colors, fonts, and secondary elements and software to create websites for use

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