This is how you improve your data security

The good news is to publish data down in 2018, according to the RiskView Q1 2018 Data Breach QuickView Report. The first three months of 2018 were recorded 686 violations compared with 1,442 violations at the same time 2017.

Bad news is that many infectious strategies are being worked on,

including malware, phishing, skimming, hacking and accidental blocking of information on the Internet. This attack caused a lot of corporate costs. Finding the cost of a 2018 data repricing issued by IBM by the Ponemon Institute found that the average global cost of issuing data increased by 6.4% from the previous year, now up to $ 3.86 million. The average cost for each lost or stolen record that contains sensitive data increased by 4.8% to $ 148 per record.

This violation remains as small business owners believe that basic security measures like antivirus software are adequately protected by the network infrastructure. . However, the strategy is no longer used.

“It’s effective when hackers take a unique approach to everything and aim at the least fruit, but now, hackers use sophisticated and persistent attacks on specific data targets for certain

Perform a computer security training program

The first step is to undertake a multisies safety training program. These sessions can show staff why they do not want to open URLs or download email attachments. After initial digital security training sessions, future sessions can provide updates on new threats and potential solutions.

For example, the US Small Business Administration offers free online courses for computer security. This is a good starting point for a general view of what might happen if you were not focused on digital security. ecome part of what they are doing. Digital training courses include topics such as safer web browsing, social engineering, mobile security and email security.

Sometimes, it helps to have training on a site, like a company like Native Intelligence. This approach provides practical learning and complete training presentations can include their own security framework as a real example.

Enables personal and dedicated connectivity to a general virtual service provider

Another step is to use personal and dedicated connectivity to a public cloud provider. Alissa Lovens, leader of Zayo Group’s global marketing strategy for the financial and professional services sector, said this is because “reducing many security and security issues that are related to the public Internet environment.” Secure data transfer without exposure to service attacks and hijacking networks. “

This approach adds security to mobile phone companies to managing specific tasks, such as consultants in financial services branches that use tablets to help customers use these accounts. It also supports small businesses, helping not quickly respond, reduce costs and increase bandwidth.

Engage a computer security expert

Every small business needs a strong ally on the side. In this case, it is a security expert who runs specifically on network infrastructure. They know human and behavioral motives and, armed with knowledge, can use past experiences to set current and future risks.

By engaging digital security experts, you can access the latest security devices you did not hear. Furthermore, if your team does not complete complete training, cybersecurity experts can fill this gap, quickly protecting your company until your team is ready to take it.

Because small businesses find it difficult to reach the next life

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