Labour future is save

Was the robot revolution come before – and with a more favorable force – than me?

While many discussions about automation have been around the career careers in the manufacturing and transport sectors, new studies on subjects see more work. According to an algorithm developed in 2013 by Oxford University researchers, 47% of projects in the United States can be automatically “over the next decade or two”. A new multinational study shows the risk of 210 million jobs in 32 countries.

But these numbers do not show a complete picture of the future of the work. Now there is no time to panic; Now is the time to take action to set your company for a change of work in order to protect the company and its most famous employees.

Test the fear of automation

The influence of automation to estimate some is fact that all studies do not agree with the potential for extreme disturbances. A survey shows that the actual number of jobs that can be automatically only around 5%. And while most of the residents can be influenced by at least half the auto, this can only benefit the employees, while they have adequate training to use automated services.

Probably the biggest worker for a worker can not do it automatically by tomorrow, but does not have the skills required for today. In a recent report by McKinsey, 40% of employers have stated that the first level of the project is not available because it does not have the skills required among the candidates.

Meanwhile, 60% of employers believe that new graduates are not adequately prepared for the workforce. And when older employees have much more experience in the belt, they should be more complicated than just enough.

So what does this mean for companies and employees? To strengthen your team, you should underestimate not just hiring practices, but also how to set up existing employees to stop automation. Here are some steps to get started.

See adaptation skills, not qualified, in candidates.

It’s time to consider other factors than education and past experience. People can act as indicators but can not predict future success with your company. The turmoil in the technology makes many university degrees in a short time. And the US labor market has only justified the road after the 2008 recession, unable to find a candidate with five years of consistent experience in one field.

Moreover, transversal skills such as adaptability, cognitive and social intelligence and personality will be more indicative of potential candidates to develop in the team. According to Caitlin MacGregor, CEO and co-founder of Plume, you have to “focus on getting people right in the right place based on these power adaptation indicators, rather than being stuck in your mind as a good candidate.” As soon as training for a specific role is solid, you can prepare the right candidate as necessary.

Get out of the car.

Automation does not necessarily move from any human work to work alone; we must stop handling it as a binary option. This requires a change in mentality, where leaders and team members look at automation as an integration rather than a replacement.

“Human qualities and characteristic characteristics such as empathy, creativity and the ability to provide context to making decisions can not

Christopher Pappas, founder of eLearning Industry and experts at the crossroads of technology and education, believes that RA will be an important tool for developing knowledge and emotional intelligence and interpersonal intelligence. “AR offers all real life opportunities, practical exercises without risk,” he said. “A great online immersion training course should use this unique advantage, putting your trainee in a difficult environment.”

Future places may not be as good as a programmer to enjoy you, but it is still important to maintain time. By means of employees with the tools and training you need to succeed, you can create another working environment

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