Is tech is changing the way of advertisment

How do you point out when the audience is more mobile, digital and fuss than now? This is a major player in the advertising industry trying to find out.

Not only do brands transfer these activities in the media, but many companies use IT consulting firms instead of paid advertising agencies. What? The old ads are no longer working. Ad blocking and TV rating drops have led the brand to shift the attention of digital ads and TV ads, which also become advertising agency bread.As a result, four large advertising agencies have dropped out of many protocols.

Get out with old, with technology

This shakeup increased after Martin Sorrell, the best dog of WPP, one of the four largest advertising companies in the world, retreating in April during a personal mistake. Sorrell is a brain that conceals modern industrial practices to achieve a smaller competitor and builds a WPP into a gigantic current.

But do not go wrong: throwing a WPP head does not mean easier navigation to three other biggies – Interpublic, Omnicom, and Publicis. However, this opens more possibilities for industrial change. And big players are at the forefront of water, watching Google and Facebook developing markets, followed by Amazon and digital consulting companies such as Accenture.

A consulting company understands the digital is a more serious competition for advertising agencies, as companies attract customers with the ability to reach more effective and economical consumers by learning data and learning machines.

The only way for a major advertising agency to compete at this point is to acquire digital knowledge through inventions and acquisitions, according to Alberto Cabezas-Castellanos, founder and CEO of Gauss & Neumann, a research laboratory with a group of research doctors used in SEM / PPC Architecture and technology.

“I believe that a group that will win at length will make indigenous digital culture through internal research laboratories that spread knowledge in every internal office,” explains Cabezas-Castellanos. “A large group must stop using the borrowed management technology and become a mix software company that generates code.”

Some of the biggest players in the world of ads are approaching the idea at the right time. Facebook recently released advertising stocks for the first time, which means that advertising agencies are going to go forward courageously to make a big step.

Ivan Pollard, a former strategic marketing vice president at The Coca-Cola Co., considers this step an important step forward, while both consultants and advertising agencies need to learn from one another.

“A great consulting company understands the value of creatives and agencies that value business analysis,” AdAge said. “Someone will do so quickly because data and creativity is a victim.”

Online Data and Tech is moving around the world of advertising

We have seen some changes from advertising agencies, and there is no doubt that we will see more. Common theme? Technology and data. Here’s how this theme looks in motion that four great players make:

Interpublic: Acxiom Court for consumer data

By acquiring Acxiom as part of a multi-billion dollar agreement that should be overturned this year, the Interpublic shows the correct color. If Acxiom acquisition exists, Interpublic will have great access to many data and information on target characters.

Agencies will not only be able to record messages, but they can send them exactly where they are and where they are most receptive. This move shows the importance of data for advertising giants.

WPP: Below to Diversify your portfolio

As WPP seeks Sorrell’s replacement, the company seeks assets that can be disinvested to make the investment possible to remain competitive. WPP leaders will not only need a good deal of information about evaluating the investment, but they must be ready to take Sorrell’s sword when it comes to technological giants.

Sorrell loves criticizing technology frenzists as he tries to beat them in the game. With WPP looking for a new CEO, the company is struggling to keep up with business together. At the same time, do not give up fans

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