Is Martech made thing complicated

The martise event is announced as the next marketing stage. These platforms allow marketing professionals to collect the amount of data that is not available for the third time to configure the approach and increase conversions. This theory is the best-known enterprise that offers better offers.

Is it true that the company is collecting large data and having difficulty determining what is right. “Companies start collecting all types of data because they do not know what to do – or when or how!” DataStax’s marketing director of data, Karl Van den Bergh, said. “Many have overcome the collection data that proves to be useful to improve the customer experience, expand the market or provide new services.”

Martech and its huge data payload create complexities that are not around the identification of consumer preferences and intentions. Each brand has the opportunity to use digital shopping to lower the customer, but the least use of it. Announce the data platform Jebbit is confident that the key is in Martech whether it is: building customer relationships.

Such behavior does not necessarily indicate that intention

Jebbit co-founders, CEO Tom Coburn and president Jonathan Lacoste, realize that martech adds to what the marketer needs to know: how can we know the client’s motivation and anticipate the needs? In the Martech platform they collect the amount of transactional data; when it was the first information, left a lot of holes to fill.

After all, marketers know when customers buy anything, how they pay and what products. But they do not know why they bought the item or what they might do. “Using whatever the consumer wants, just take some data on what you can do to predict what you want,” Coburn explained. “Marketers have been overloaded and the process is complicated to make sure you think that it requires technology to solve the problem with a simple

solution: ask consumers what they want”.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the idea behind Jebbit – can speak directly to the consumer – coming from two different members outside the industry. Coburn and Lacoste, realizing that most buyers now contain data of third parties, seeking to pass random third party data and related issues with information from consumers themselves.

At least, the online option is not stated, just ask the consumer to fill the points to win the prize; Offline methods, such as discussion groups, have faced the challenges of a group thinker. And, perhaps most important, the size of the problem: everyone tries to maintain the marketing graffiti 1: 1, but the company can not do the intuitive or conclusions of the focus group that applies to all outside viewers.

However, one-to-one questions and interactions, not stimulate bad information: nothing can be realized and no potential rewards are lost. What they want, more than what consumers do not want: a product that does not have a crucial feature or an ad that shows articles that consumers can not buy.

Jebbit’s team seeks ways to collect informative, non-invasive information; they know that consumers can choose to allow brands to take honest psychological information. And with this belief, platforms can be asked to get the basic motivation for every consumer who has made or will make.

“In fact, data provided by the Martech platform is largely based on the past or present,” explains Coburn. “They do not care about the future, they do not ask what they will do next, so traders can remember that they are focused on the future.

Because the data is announced can change the data provider scenario

Jebbit’s note to announce the data, or data is actively provided by consumers, finding the future where marketers have less data, but the same data is of high quality. By eliminating any concerns regarding data entry, this platform is aimed at creating a transparent experience that offers offers and content

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