Is marketing is the manufaturer of magic

Marketers are often commanded to stick with consumers, putting them in the mantra and convincing everyone that can cause the company’s products or services. But the high expectations of the brand are often smaller than in the crisis.

An IBM study found that almost 70% of consumers were disappointed by the brand’s existing digital interaction. ClickZ finds that 71% of buyers pronounce their credibility in marketing content. And according to a survey report from the Reuters Institute and the University of Oxford, 43% of Americans are disappointed or “deceived” by original advertising.

This is a disappointment by marketers. But when wishing for magic, fantasy and enchantment, how can you catch the mark? Maybe we need to be happy about the deliberate response of the company – 30 percent of the level of success when the “magic” threshold is not bad. In fact, it is almost a bit battered by Babe Ruth.

Therefore, the real question is that “magic” is a goal that can be done. Really with imagination, reframing, and small talk, it’s a goal that can be found in most brands.

How we determine ‘magic’

In the last years, big brands with big budget have determined the “magic” of the masses, announcing the production of the theater highlighted as the peak of brand marketing. This idea is an unmistakable attraction – a picture that is shown to provide consumers closer. Marketing aspirations are a way to make buyers feel if they need what they are selling.

But this is a reversed thinking when it’s transparent age what is considered the majority of consumers. Consumers want inspiration, not aspirations, and come from companies that declare their valuable values, missions and needs – of the small businesses. Beyond doing what it takes to imitate multi million dollar brands that make big companies, small businesses need motivation to make magic on less budget.

What is magic on a small scale?

To capitalize on the ability to develop excitement and magic, entrepreneurs need to remember some things.

Staying good but simple.

The greatness and attraction of marketing campaigns for high-end companies can also be tried, but start-ups and small businesses should not be beaten to succeed. Take event marketing, for example. When adding tech elements can turn your life into an experience, small businesses should not exaggerate.

“Do not let the temptation of adding bells and planks be as easy as starting the infinite layer technology until this event becomes complex and advanced and staff 20 are needed for logistics coordination,” explained Darren Wilson, president of Bluemedia, manufacturing marketing company, furniture and experience. “You have to have only one or two main technological components for your event, but you have to work together and adapt to narrative experiences and settings.”

Play the power of the company.

Another quick way to bring a successful reorganization into magic is to deliberately direct the team’s marketing plan to play its power. Do you know what events we use? Avoid anything that can be fun when people do whats into a small brand that can also help small businesses leave a good impression on customers.

Try the social media ratios of the marketing event. “If your team is not well trained to respond to or approach customers on social media, you do not want to use technology that allows you to monitor social sentiment,” said Wilson. “For a simple, like photo booth, everything you need is your own space and how to connect to social media so that customers can share photos. Choose the technology elements that are relevant for your team and you events.”

Use data for the benefit of all teams.

Disney theme park has $ 1 billion in magic – MagicBands, namely. Bracelets containing beacons keep track of visitors, helping them to do everything in order not to quickly open the hotel room door. But the real secret of MagicBands is the amount of data collected that Disney can use to develop attractions, features and new features in the park and its product lines.

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