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In 2005, the average person would not believe that the social media platform would have finished transforming the way humans interact. By 2010, the same people would not imagine that the travel sharing application would eliminate the taxi industry for several years. Cue 2015, and people who have seen countless industries transformed by an online platform – will doubt that cryptocurrency like bitcoin will be accepted for companies around the world.

Today all (and many others) have come true. The online platform continues to change the way the world works, but people continue to hesitate about the platform space. At this point, the question is not how the online platform will change the sector, but when.

Modern consumers depend on online platforms to deliver food, make projects, watch movies, listen to music – and even sell their homes. And when it comes to technology and IoT sensors, this online platform is much more precious. Smart home sensors set alarm when the egg comes out and the user unfails kitchen speakers to remind couples to get more.

It is no magic; It is the power of the online platform and, no matter the human aspect will remain intact.

Because the online platform creates a better sense

People depend on the platform for two main reasons: functionality and data.Online platform eliminates time and position limitation to streamline collaboration. Employees, for example, can collaborate on using a platform like Google Drive to edit spreadsheets and create documents. At a more advanced level, an online platform allows companies to send delivery operations, reducing waste sources and saving money.

Amazon’s commercial platform has created a familiar consumer with personality. Now consumers consider companies in every sector, from selling dental devices, to addressing preferences and considering past activities. Furthermore, consumers prefer predictive recommendations, which means that companies that anticipate future needs are more engaged.

Through an online platform, the company serves an unprecedented level of personal service. Even industries that people are safe from online influences – for example, food – starts with a new platform. Now that Amazon has Whole Foods and provides the grocer directly to customer steps, there is no safe.

The online platform will change everything about life and human work. People who are hesitant about the ability of the platform to pursue any niche to do any harm.

Where online platforms will attack Next

People believe that important functions such as catering and health care will not be a source of absorption by the Internet. Obviously, this is not. Every industry should prepare for more interruptions from the online platform, but these three regions should be ready sooner rather than later:

 Financial Guides

During the day, a key investment adviser in finance. The average person only knows about market fluctuations and is trusted with consultants with a powerful handshake to make the right choice.

Today, online investment platforms like Robinhood and E * TRADE make it easy for anyone to become a finance advisor. Blog posts recommend investment strategies for non-experts and message boards that are full of people proposing index funds against individual securities. Cryptocurrency’s wallets make ordinary people part of the cryptocurrency revolution. Users choose the most preferred money and want to be rich, using online platforms of many financial advisers who will be called pipe dream a few years ago.

 Higher education

Cramming time for the final in the library has long disappeared. Today, online education is not limited to universities for profit purposes that are not credited to TV advertising. Large schools, including Ivy League schools, offer two online / offline titles that are completed online and are combined to meet the needs of changing modern students.Online school concept is not new. However, as the younger generation grows, e

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