3Best banking app for small business

Financial institutions and entrepreneurs have complicated historical relationships. Entrepreneurs need a way to help businesses and keep their businesses moving, meaning they trust banks for everything from business loans to current accounts. Even banks should be entrepreneurs – without the small business of economic washing, no bank can do much.

This relationship (sometimes reluctant) depends on employers, in recent years, to get more. Despite the choice of loan options, business owners are finding it difficult to secure funding. It seems like a double whammy when some entrepreneurs are struggling to reduce operational costs or secure cash flow at unexpected interruptions – how can you keep current current and no-time activities?

Others are struggling with high credit card interest rates, premium flax programs, more complex business banking accounts and less commercial credits. This leaves a sour taste in the mouth and doubts over financial institutions.

But there are many companies that can build platforms that help entrepreneurs and not attack. Here are three banking-oriented applications that aim to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs, at no cost.


Chime is a mobile banking app with a slogan of “banking as it should have” and provides a two-pronged approach to ensuring successful entrepreneurs: save money and manage. One of the fastest bank accounts in the United States, Chime provides a spending account, a Visa Chime debit card and a savings account. Savings accounts can be designed to automatically save 10% of the deposits placed as savings or payment selectors and change the difference in savings.

Entrepreneurs who are experiencing business purchases will be in love with the fact that Chime does not exceed the cost of overdrafts, monthly services, transfers or foreign transactions and users do not have to maintain a minimum balance. Awarded apps provide real-time alerts and balance statements daily and allow users to make money transfers between accounts or with other people or companies. It is also combined with other payment platforms to eliminate paperwork and, if an entrepreneur needs to miscalculate, they can continue their request through the Chime app and be sent to Chime. Especially for entrepreneurs who are concerned about security breach, Chime uses AES 128-bit encryption and security process.


Wave offers free financial software for businesses with nine or fewer employees. This easy-to-use software works accounting for entrepreneurs helping people to keep track of costs and sales, manage bills, receive payment and track credits, pay off payouts, scan receipts and create accounting reports. The company also offers personal finance software free of charge, so business owners can manage their financial and personal business through a single platform, while still separate.

The application allows a business to mount a bank account and a credit card and directly manage the dashboard. The wave offers multiple and tracked accounting that helps entrepreneurs prepare for tax time; Entrepreneurs can also invite people who help organize books – from CPA to business partners – to collaborate over the app. For those who want to control the financial data directly, software helps them publish P & L, balance sheets, sales tax reports and more. And for those who are concerned with security, Wave offers 256-bit encryption and a legible connection with certified bank and PCI Level-1 data to manage confidential financial information.

Spending Tracker

For entrepreneurs who want to keep track of costs for developing accurate budgets, Spending Tracker is a free application that recognizes where the money is going. Intuitive applications help small business owners see how much they charge for a certain period of time, so it is possible to automate the process of simple but time-consuming, or hire other staff members. Users can put bank accounts and even set goals for each budget category to keep track of progress in a particular month or year.

Many business expenses may be supported by business costs with customers or poor financial industry


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